Introducing an interesting “ぎなた読み(Ginata yomi)” Mondegreen of Japanese:Learning of Japanese language

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This post is about “Learning of Japanese language “.
I’m not a native English speaker.
I’m learning English now.
And I’m sorry if there are any grammatical mistakes.
Or please let me know on twitter or instagram ,if my English is something wrong. That’s really helpful for me.
You teach me English and I teach you Japanese.
How is about that?

Okay! Let’s get down to the main topic.

Here we go 🐈

Mondegreen of Japanese

ぎなた読み=Ginata yomi
Translated literally:Ginata reading

Ginata reading is the reading of words in Japanese with the wrong word breaks.
Sounds of sentence is very similar. Sounds almost same.
But that makes sentence meaning difference.

And, to read this text, it might need more than basic level of Japanese.Thank you.


1. かねおくれ、たのむ!=kane okure tanomu

Give me money. Please!

2. かねおくれた のむ!=kane wo kureta nomu
=金をくれた 飲む

He gave me money. Time to drink!


1. おれは、まってるぜ!=oreha matteruze

I’m waiting for you!

2. おれ、はまってるぜ!=ore hamatteruze

I fell in to a ditch. Yay!


1. ぱん、つくったことある?=pan tsukuttakoto aru?

Have you ever made bread??

2. ぱんつ、くったことある=pantsu kuttakoto aru?

Have you ever eaten pants??


1. わたしといて ください=watashitoite kudasai

Could you please give it to her?

2. わたしと いて ください=watashito ite kudasai

Please stay with me.


1. たいやき って くったことある?=taiyaki te kuttakoto aru?

Have you ever eaten Taiyaki?

2. たいや きって くったことある?=taiya kitte kuttakoto aru?

Have you ever sliced tire and eat it?


1. あなたのかお なんかいも みたい=anata no kao nannkai mo mitai

I want to see your face a lot.

2. あなたのかお なんか いもみたい=anata no kao nannka imo mitai

Your face is looks like sweet potato.


1. ここで はきものを ぬいでください=kokode hakimono wo nuide kudasai

Please take off your shoes here.

2. ここでは きものを ぬいでください=kokode ha kimono wo nuide kudasai

Please take off your kimono here.


1. ねえ ちゃんと ふろ はいってる?=nee chanto furo haitteru?

Hey! Do you really take a bath every day for sure?

2. ねえちゃんと ふろ はいってる?=nechan to furo haitteru?

Do you take a bath with your older sister?


1. あくの じゅうじか?= akuno juji ka?

Do you open at 10o’clock?

2. あくのじゅうじか=aku no jujika
= 悪の十字架

Evil cross

Do you have similar one like that in your language??

Thank you for reading.