My recommended Japanese sightseeing video on YouTube.

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Hi thank you for reading my blog.

Ojokuro live in Japan.

Have you been in Japan?

My recommended Japanese sightseeing video on YouTube.

Why don’t you have a look?

I already live in Japan.
But this video makes me feel wanna go Japan.
Do you get my feeling?

This video is seems not Japanese made and seems made by German creator. I think creator is great.
Video of our country are so beautiful and nice.

This video focuses on perspectives that Japanese people are not usually aware of. And it is also a video that made me aware of that perspective. It is also a video that told me the beauty that we didn’t notice.
I appreciate this video. So that’s why this is my favorite video on YouTube.
After I watched this video, I started to see my countries sightseeng video. And I always think where is this beautiful place. Even the place where I used to been there.

Have you ever watched your countries sightseeing video?
It will be interesting for you, too. Maybe🐈

Thank you for reading.