Introducing our cat. Her name is “Ojo”.

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I have a calico cat.

Her name is Ojo.

In 2011,

Four stray cats brothers and sisters were rescued on a street in Kyoto.

After that from person to person, through referrals to referrals

Thankfully she came to me.

Now she lives in Nara prefecture.

I’m grateful for the bond that connected us.

Picture:Ojo (My cat) and his brothers and sisters when they were rescued.

Ojo’s forehead has wings.

That’s what I thought when I first saw her pattern.

Ojo means like little daughter,My lady,in Japanese.
It is similar to the French word Mademoiselle.

Ojo=お嬢=おじょう=little daughter,My lady,Mademoiselle

Speaking of which,

Word of my cat’S name “Ojo”

I noticed that when I converted it to romaji.

If this word “Ojo” changes the position of the accent.

It can be pronounced


My cat


May be a “Princess”,”Queen” and “a little daughter”,”My lady” to me.

She is so powerful cat.And sometimes feel like she is my boss.

Thank you for reading.