Introducing our cat. HIs name is “Kuro”.

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His name is Kuro.

Kuro was a stray cat.

We found Kuro was got run-down in the street.

So we adopted him, now he is okay so far.

We don’t know his exact age. But considering doctor said, Kuro is around 15years old at 2020.

Kuro means black in Japanese language.

Japanese people often names black cat “Kuro” .

We call cat ”Neko”. Neko=ねこ=猫=cat
We call black cat “Kuro neko”. Kuroneko=くろねこ=Black cat

Sometimes we feel Kuro is like dog. He often run like dog and come to play with us like dog.

This is Kuro’s running video.

We wish you would know Kuro.

Thank you for reading. 🐈