Hatsumoude (初詣): the first time to visit a shrine in the new year

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Hatsumoude is the first visit to a shrine of the New Year in Japan.


During Hatsumoude, people make prayers and wishes for a very good year.

Heaps people visit a shrine during the first three days of January.

We wish New Year’s health, happiness, good luck, and so on at Hatsumoude.

2021 is the year of the ox.

Therefore, the character of Ox is displayed.

Note : Ox=丑

Usually we bow a little, and shake the rope to ring the bell.

But there is No bell because of corona virus(Covid19).

Just bowing.

Anyway the view of the moon from the mountain was brilliant.

丹生川上神社(Nyuukawakami Shrine) Nara Japan
More detail:奈良県(Nara)吉野郡(Yoshino-gun)川上村(Kawakami-mura)

This shrine is 丹生川上神社(Nyuukawakami Shrine).

I like this shrine’s sounds of word.

Nyuukawakami Shrine

I always hear like “New Kawakami shrine”. It’s cool sounds for me.

Ryujin(龍神) lives in this shrine. (Note : 龍=Dragon 神=God)

Ryujin is God of water.

Some shrines are visited by heaps worshipers every year.

I don’t see people much here most of time.

And so this is my favorite shrine.

Thank you for reading.