Osechi Ryori(おせち料理) : Japanese New Year’s traditional food

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Romaji:Osechi (ryouri)

We, most of Japanese eat Osechi in the new year’s day.

They are packed together in “Jubako(重箱)”,which
is a special box that resembles bento(弁当) boxes.

Looking good ♪

Osechi is the traditional meal only prepared for New Year.

Most dishes are cooked in order to be preserved for at least three days. So everyone can take a rest, and don’t have to cook.

If you come Japan in December, you can booked to buy everywhere.

But only can start eating at 1 of January.

Our Osechi in 2021

We just booked and bought it.

When our grandmother lives, we always cooked every year…

Someday we would like to try make it again.

From around December, ingredients for New Year dishes will be on sale at Supermarket, too.

It was good.



Happy new year🐈

Thank you for reading.