Word of number “4649=Nice to meet you”「数字を使った言葉」:Learning of Japanese language

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Word of number in Japanese.

4649=yo ro shi ku =よろしく=Nice to meet you

Sometimes you can express Japanese words using numbers.

I would like to introduce that.

To read this text, it might need more than basic level of Japanese.Thank you.

Word of number

・4649=yo ro shi ku=よろしく=Nice to meet you

・39=san kyu=さん きゅう =Thank you

・0 8 3 3=oyasumi=おやすみ=Good night

・0840=o ha yo o=おはよう=Good morning

・889=ha ya ku=はやく=hurry up

・0906=o ku re ru=おくれる=遅れる=will be late

・4510=shi go to=しごと=job

・893=ya ku za=やくざ=gangster

・37564=mi na go ro shi=みなごろし=皆殺し=kill them all

・3341=sa mi shi i=さみしい=lonely

・5963=go ku ro san=ごくろうさん=ご苦労さん=Thanks a lot

・14106 or 114106=a i shi te ru=愛してる=I love you

1 is looks like I. So sounds ai(あい).
I… ai… あい
4… shi… し
10… juu…ten… テン…て
1(ai)4(shi)10(te)6(ru)=aishiteru=love you

Some of them are famous. And some of them are not very famous. Even Japanese don’t understand (Especially smartphone generation). These words developed during the pager era.

I think these 2 are every Japanese knows.

・4649=yo ro shi ku=よろしく=Nice to meet you

・39=san kyu=さん きゅう =Thank you

Why don’t you use that to your Japanese friends?

Do you have similar one like that in your language??

Thank you very for reading.

I’m not a native English speaker. I’m learning English now and doing to try to translate Japanese things in English for my study, too.
And I’m sorry if there are any grammatical mistakes.
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