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Do you like watching movies?

It’s kind of a meme in Japan.

I hope you like it.

⭐︎Antonyms of movie titles⭐︎

Home Alone ⇔ Garden BBQ

the social network ⇔ the local phone book

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo ⇔ The Dragon with the girl’s Tattoo

28 Days Later ⇔ 28 Days Ago


Roman Holiday ⇔ Death from overworking in Japan

The rock ⇔ The tofu

Hachi: A Dog’s Tale ⇔ Tama:A Cat’s Apocalypse

Are you starting to understand this game?
Are you getting the picture?
It’s kind of meme in Japan.
Technically speaking, it’s not exactly Antonym.These words are just sounds like opposite word.

Just a joke. Also sometimes there is excessive jokes in there.

Before writing this article, I also got some advice from my English friends.

I think it’s fun to play this game with your friends.

Let me introduce you more.

Die Hard ⇔ Safety Easy

Die Hard ⇔ Safety Lightly

Die Hard ⇔ Live Softly

Godfather ⇔ Devilmother

Godfather ⇔ Agnosticmother

Breakfast at Tiffany’s ⇔ Midnight snack in toy jewelry store

kill bill ⇔ bill live

Seven ⇔ Eleven

Jaws ⇔ Nemo

Pirates of the Caribbean ⇔ Salaryman of the Japanese company
(Yo ho yo ho a pirates life for me ♪
⇔ Suimasen Sumimasen Japanese office man life for me. ♪)
Suimasen=すいません=I’m sorry
Sumimasen=すみません=I’m sorry

I’ve been thinking that the opposite title for

”The Devil Wears Prada” is

“The Angel taking off Chanel”.

But it seems is should be

“An Angel undressing Shimamura” in Japan.

The Devil Wears Prada
Japanese title:プラダを着た悪魔

“しまむら(Shimamura)”is cloth shop for ordinary people like me(I’m just telling ya🐈)

England friends told me.
In England
The Devil Wears Prada ⇔ An Angel undressing Primark.

Aussie mate told me
In Australia
The Devil Wears Prada ⇔ An Angel undressing Kmart clothes.

Some is famous meme, some is original. There are many others in Japan. And I wanted to introduce a little more, but there were many things that were unsuitable for English translation. I selected and translated only the works that fit English.

And…Watching a few titles makes me want to watch the movie.

Why not make a movie with these titles?

Is there a better way to say the ones I listed?
Is there a movie with an opposite title you can think of?

And if you know of an English website like this, Please tell me.

I want to see it.🐈

Thank you for reading.