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”Probably 10 years later,
You would like to go back in time for at least 10 years and start over.
Start over now. For this future.
You have returned from 10 years, 20 years, or 50 years.
Just now!”

Original Japanese sentence
10年後か 20年後か、50年後から戻ってきたんだよ 今!

In romaji
「Juunengo niha kitto, semete, juunen de iikara modotte yarinaoshitai to omotte iru no darou.
Ima yarinaoseyo. Mirai wo.
Junengo ka,nijuunengo ka gojuunengo kara modotte kitandayo

Actually, this quotes is anonymous
It is not known who composed this.

This quote posted on anonymous bulletin boards in Japan.

And I love this quote.

This quote inspires me and gives me highly motivated.

I hope you like it ,too.

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