What is the opposite of happiness? A story of Kanji “幸”(Happiness)

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Even if “幸(Happiness)” is upside down, “幸(Happiness)”

So the opposite of happiness is not “不幸(unhappiness)”.

Then if you lose one stick of (ー),

So it goes from “幸” to “辛”(Depressed, feeling miserable).

辛い=Depressed, feeling miserable.

When you lose just one piece of the happiness from you, it makes you feeling miserable.

So we have to cherish what we think is ”幸(Happiness)” now.

Add “one stick(ー)” to “辛(Depressed, feeling miserable)”. You will be “幸(Happiness)”.

”辛(Depressed, feeling miserable)”and ” 幸(Happiness)”

Don’t you think this is a single piece of paper?

By the way, My master, Google teacher translate this word “辛” to “spicy” sometimes.


辛い=Tsurai=つらい=depressed,feeling feeling miserable

Yes! Actually these two is same character but different meaning.
I can make another story.
If I feel depressed and feeling “辛(miserable), then eat and add a super very hot spicy food as “one stick(ー)and it can makes me be 幸(Happiness)??

I’m wondering🤔

Thank you for reading.

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