Superfly「タマシイレボリューション」Tamashii Revolution☆My recommended☆Japanese Music☆Rock

Japanese Music

My recommended Japanese Music🐈

Artist name


Kana : スーパーフライ

Song name


Romaji : Tamashii Revolution

タマシイ= Tamashii = Soul, Spirit
レボリューション = Revolution

Music clip

Song「タマシイレボリューション(Tamashii Revolution)」

In addition, This song is known as a FIFA World Cup of football(soccer) song in Japan.

If you ask Japanese people what comes to your mind when you listen this song. Probably Japanese people answer soccer.

Did you find a team in your country?:)

BTW The nickname of the Japan national soccer team is Samurai Blue.

I know your country is the best.
And ,Please cheer samurai blue next to the team in your country. haha
Thanks for reading🐈