SMAP「世界に一つだけの花」Sekai ni hitotsu dake no Hana☆My recommended☆Japanese Music☆J-pop

Japanese Music

My recommended Japanese Music🐈

Artist name


Kana : スマップ

Song title


Kana : せかい に ひとつ だけ の はな
Romaji : Sekai ni hitotsu dake no Hana

English:The only one flower in the World

Music clip

Song「世界に一つだけの花(Sekai ni hitotsu dake no Hana)」

SMAP is the greatest and No. 1 idol group in Japanese idol history.

SMAP is G.O.A.T. in Japan.

I can say it out loud.

SMAP is called a “national group” in Japan. And SMAP also says it changed the definition of idol.

Note:Thier origin of the name
SMAP(S=Sports M=Music A=Assemble P=People )
It is an abbreviation for “Sports Music Assemble People” and means “fusion of sports and music” and “people gathered to play sports and music”.

If you ask me what is highest Japanese touching songs of degree of recognition by Japanese, I introduce this Japanese songs.

I found good English cover of this song.
Why don’t you listen this one, too?🙂