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Artist name

円 広志
Hiragana : まどか ひろし
Romaji : Madoka Hiroshi
Note : Madoka」= Last name , Hiroshi = First name

Song name


Hiragana : むそうばな
Romaji : Musoubana

夢想 = むそう」= Musou =dream, daydream, stargaze, woolgather
花= はな、(ばな) = hana,(bana) = Flower

literal translation

夢想花 = Dream flower (ドリーム・フラワー)
夢想花 = Daydream flower (デイドリーム・フラワー)
夢想花 = Stargaze (スターゲイズ・フラワー)
夢想花 = Woolgather (ウールギャザー・フラワー)
Something like that.
Word 夢想 is really difficult to translate for me. You can pick title what you like after you listen and feel this song :D

Artist「円 広志(Madoka Hiroshi)」

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