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Artist name


Kana : エコーズ

Song title


Kana : ズー
Japanese : 動物園=どうぶつえん=Doubutsuen=ZOO

Music clip


This song is written and composed by 「Hitonari Tsuji(辻仁成)」 of rock band of ECHOES.

A song provided to Kaori Kawamura.
Kawamura’s single was released first.

Tsuji also self-covered with his own rock band ECHOES, and the following year, the ECHOES single was released.

The lyrics partially changed from the Kaori Kawamura version when announced as ECHOES.

Kaori Kawamura version

Artist name

川村 カオリ

Kana : かわむら カオリ
Romaji : Kawamura Kaori
Note : Kawamura= Last name, Kaori=First name

20th Anniversary version

This song’s lyrics is wonderful.


This song is used in various cover versions. I also recommend Hasui Shuka version “ZOO ~ Ai wo Kudasai ~”.But I couldn’t find on YouTube.

Hasui Shuka
Song「ZOO ~ Ai wo Kudasai ~(ZOO〜愛をください〜)」

「Ai wo Kudasai」means ”Please,give me Love”.

This artist, Hasui Shuka, exists only in the drama 「Ai wo Kudasai(愛をください)」. It is the name of a singer songwriter of a lonely girl played by Miho Kanno(菅野美穂).
「Miho Kanno(菅野美穂)」is one of great actress in Japan.
If you are Japanese drama lover, I reccomend to check that drama. And you can listen nice cover version of this song.

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